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Airbourne FTM

AirBourne Fleet Technical Management

Just as the Low Cost Carriers have revolutionised the airline industry, Bourne Systems has successfully created a low cost, high performance solution for this small but critical part of airline operations – the continuous management of Safety, Airworthiness and Maintenance.

The AirBourne Fleet Technical Management (FTM) system was born out of necessity, like most good things; over the last 20 years, the requirements of safety regulations in aviation and the cost of poor technical record keeping has created an industry of aircraft maintenance management systems. However many of these systems are overly complex to use and expensive to access, driving most small airlines to rely on home grown Excel spread-sheets or Access data management systems.

The complexity of today’s ‘Continuing Airworthiness’ requirements and the extreme End of Lease re-delivery conditions for aircraft has made this a high risk and high cost strategy given the potential for substantial fines by the regulators and the compensation and penalty rent paid to Lessors at the End of Lease for failure to comply with the redelivery conditions often costing the Operator $M’s!

AirBourne FTM is asset management software designed for lessors, airlines and Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisations (CAMO’s) to capture, track and control;

  • regulatory and mandatory requirements
  • maintenance requirements
  • modifications and repairs to the aircraft
  • components – including Hard Time, Life Limited Parts, On Condition and Condition Monitored components
  • reliability programmes (reliability data capture, correlation and reporting)
  • any lease conditions which may need to be met.

and provides the customer with….

  • real time compliance, maintenance and aircraft status visibility and oversight
  • all necessary maintenance forecasting and planning tools
  • capability to define workscopes, estimate manhours and generate workpacks
  • current airworthiness and maintenance status reports and forecasts
  • reliability reporting
  • a fully integrated electronic archive of all technical records with each scanned record also linked to their relevant task
  • a comprehensive Inventory Management system
  • materials demand and Purchase Ordering facility

The system sits on cloud servers provided by Microsoft Azure – a world class cloud services provider with multi-layered security provided by Microsoft with state-of-art security delivered in Azure data centres globally. Azure is a cloud that is built with customised hardware, has security controls integrated into the hardware and firmware components, plus added protections against cyber threats and benefits from a team of more than 3,500 global cybersecurity experts that work together to help safeguard your business assets and data in Azure.

Cloud based systems provide on-line access to your data from anywhere in the world. The user needs nothing more than a PC or a laptop and an internet connection to view or update the aircraft data in real time. Azure offers Bourne Systems the ability to increase capacity as and when needed without the need to move or install any physical equipment – providing the customer the ultimate in flexibility and IT agility.

AirBourne FTM can reduce an airline’s operating costs, not just by reducing workload, de-skilling the task, protecting the Operator from fines and penalties down-stream but also through its smart functionality. AirBourne FTM presents continuous up-to-date information to the Operational Managers to enable them to make informed decisions quickly, this converts into fewer aircraft technical delays in the operation and a much better negotiating position for long term maintenance arrangements.

AirBourne FTM is available as Software as a Service (SaaS) i.e. by a monthly subscription making AirBourne FTM affordable to all operators, it will save much more than it will ever cost!

For Lessors.

AirBourne FTM is a great tool for any lessor to manage their asset. Once the system is populated with the aircraft maintenance data, the aircraft can be presented to any prospective lessee on-line to review in detail. The system will be able to provide not only the aircraft’s archive of historical maintenance records but also current compliance and component status reports with built-in Dirty Fingerprints (DFP’s) for its AD’s, Modifications, Components and Repairs – the ‘BIBLE’ is built into the system.

AirBourne FTM provides a low cost platform on which each aircraft’s technical records can be captured which then only needs updating at each technical acceptance at End of Lease (EOL) instead of a complete re-evaluation of the records from birth at EOL! This saves time and limits the damage to the historical record by incompetent operators and record keepers. AirBourne FTM provides a Lessor with a copy of the historical records in good order at the point of delivery which, even if the lessee fails to maintain, will be a safe and a much quicker starting point to recover any missing records and/or build new records from covering the service whilst on lease with the incompetent Lessee. This protects the asset value and enables a fast recovery and turnaround to release the aircraft back on a new lease in days rather than months.

Lessor Benefits:

If the Lessor uses the AirBourne FTM as their internal asset management system, not only will Bourne System develop on-line electronic End of Lease audit capability into the system, but AirBourne FTM can also be offered to a prospective Lessee included in the lease! With the system already populated, the aircraft can be quickly accepted by the client and rapidly introduced into service (the system is up to date and live, ready to go). Alternatively, if not needed by the client, the system can be used to migrate the current aircraft data into the clients own preferred Compliance Management system.