Bourne Systems

AirBourne is billed as Fleet Technical Management (FTM) software. What functions does it perform in FTM?

AirBourne FTM It is actually 5 fully integrated systems:

  • Continuing Airworthiness – tracking, control and total visibility of each aircraft’s mandatory items and airworthiness status.
  • Maintenance Planning – tools to forecast future maintenance requirements, to define workscopes and materials requirements and to create the workpacks for the performance of work.
  • Technical Records – electronic archiving capability, to capture, store and provide the Dirty Fingerprint behind each task performed,
  • Inventory Management – for the inspection, control, testing and calibration, issue and return of materials and tooling used by the Operator.
  • Purchase Ordering – to document, control and track the purchases and costs to the operation.

In one interactive package where each system informs the other systems for example, the Purchase Ordering system will inform the MEL tracking function within the Continuing Airworthiness system when the part is due to arrive! If there is a conflict i.e. the part is due to arrive after the MEL expires, the system will highlight the conflict in the reports and automatically send an email to whoever needs to know!