Bourne Systems

How easy is it to implement?

Implementation can be carried out by the Operators themselves if they have the resources. It is an easy system to navigate so it’s not a skill issue, but there can be up to 250,000 datasets to load per aircraft (typical for B737/A320), which can be daunting and will require significant resources. Alternatively any CAMO may load the system on behalf of the Operator. This sometimes is a more pragmatic solution as it doesn’t impinge on the Operator’s own resources and employs subject matter experts to commission the system which should translate into a faster and a more robust transition.

Typically it takes a practiced CAMO or similar group around 3 – 4 weeks (depending on the quality of the data available) to manually key in all the necessary aircraft ‘airworthiness’ information, test and activate the system. We don’t recommend migrating data unless the operator is absolutely sure the data is clean and error free, (rubbish in, rubbish out)! – Date formats for example, are different in the US to Europe, depending where the aircraft has operated in its past, records may have both but if you don’t agree on YOUR date format, LDND status reports can be misrepresented and lead to significant errors as migrating data electronically will NOT be able to differentiate a US date format from a European date format! By manually keying in data it allows the operator/user to validate data before entry.