Bourne Systems


“Airbourne FTM is a highly capable CAMO system. The Bourne team have worked hard at simplifying the CAMO processes to deliver a smart, intuitive and easy to navigate system. Its located on a cloud so I can access it 24/7 from anywhere in the world. It’s a great system and it doesn’t break the bank.”
Daryl Chinn, Tech Dir. GA Cargo

“To choose the right tool for the job it might be tricky and tough. Airbourne FTM is not only an easy, light tool, it got an answer for any need and you don’t need you to understand the system, it’s the system who understands you. It has been clearly made by people who actually knows what a CAMO is and what it needs. Time saving, efficient presentation of information, clear and complete reports and, most important, a technical team who answers quickly and efficiently which is an outstanding added value to a very complete software.”
Davide Carbone, CAM at Skyways Technics

“Air Mediterranean is using for almost 4 years now the Airbourne FTM CAMO system. It is a great compliance management and maintenance planning tool. It’s easy to access and very easy to use. It provides me with all the necessary reports and information I need for my day to day business. What I like the most is that everything is available immediately.”
Konstantinos Zangogiannis, Tech. Dir. and CAM at Air Mediterranean

“The AirBourne FTM System provides a very easy to use and practical platform for any size airline to assess, record and demonstrate conformity with the requirements of the IOSA Maintenance (MNT) ISARP’s in Section 4. In particular, the control and execution of the Maintenance programme, record keeping, materials control and importantly, the oversight and control of the Maintenance operation.”
Steve Halliwell, Certified IOSA /ISAGO Lead Auditor